Podcast hosting platforms are services that allow you to have somewhere on the internet to store all your podcast files (your episode files).
Another purpose for using a hosting platform is that it creates a link called an RSS feed and that link is what you will set up in all the different streaming services in order for your podcast to be distributed. The most popular streaming platforms are Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google podcasts. Once you set up an account in all those different streaming services, you need to add your podcast RSS feed link into the backend of each of those sites. Once this has been done, every time you upload a new episode to your hosting service, it automatically gets populated into your podcast feed on all the streaming services that you have signed up for. Without this RSS feed, you would be required to to go around posting every new episode to all the different streaming services, which would cost you a lot of time!
Have a look at the video above for an explanation about this process, using our favourite hosting platform, RedCircle, as an example. We will also walk you through some of the most important features of RedCircle, including Distribution, Episode Uploads, Analytics, and Dynamic Insertion.
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